Welcome to the International Marathon Medical Directors Association (IMMDA)

The International Marathon Medical Directors Association (IMMDA) was first formed as the Consulting Medical Association to the Association of International Marathons (AIMS) as they formed together in May 1982. AIMS is a global organization of marathons and distance races.


The purpose of IMMDA is to i) promote and study the health of long distance runners, ii) promote research into the cause and treatment of running injuries, iii) prevent the occurrence of injuries during mass participation runs, iv) offer timely advisory statements and research papers for the advancement of knowledge about taking care of long distance runners and walkers, v) promote a close working relationship between race and medical directors in achieving the above four goals, vi) serve as a resource for Medical Directors and Race Directors to and answer questions regarding their race medical services and vii) serve as a resource for the press to have experts available to answer questions regarding long distance running and walking health.

It is a fundamental founding principle that we will not publish medical protocols and blanket recommendations for all to follow. Each race varies by length, configurations, climate, and resources available. We believe in personal one on one discussions between our members to answer questions and assist with medical planning.

IMMDA has grown tremendously since its inception. Now having members in all parts of the world, through our meetings twice a year (one in USA and one non-USA) we learn from each other and work together on research projects, papers and advisory papers. We serve as a resource for the press worldwide. As non-AIMS affiliated doctors and races approached us about consultations and membership, as of 2015 we have decided to become non-exclusive to AIMS. Our numbers continue to grow. We are happy to see running medicine interest groups forming throughout the world; more is obviously better. We remain the largest and unique volunteer group with the most experience dedicated to helping others in the world.

As of 2015, we have added a new membership category: Associate Members. These are interested medical professionals that are not Medical Directors. We encourage their participation at meetings and lecture conferences.

IMMDA is FREE to members and Associate Members. Meetings and Conferences are FREE to attend. Consultations with Medical Directors and Races are FREE as well.



We collect no dues, fees or sponsor monies.

All services provided and meetings as well as conferences are FREE

and are done by members on a volunteer basis.

All is for the good of long distance athletes everywhere!

If you have any questions or needs, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance. Go to the “Contact Us” tab if we can help you.