Here are our published papers, recommendations, advisories and position stands – for download and review. Most recent are closest to the top of the page.

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Spring 2015 Pre-race ASA


Fall 2013 X Spot


Spring 2010 Health Recommendations for Runners & Walkers


Spring 2009 Revised Children and Marathoning


Spring 2009 Reducing Risk for Acute Cardiac Events in Susceptible Marathon Runners


Spring 2009 Hypertonic Saline


Spring 2009 Definition of Exertion-Related Cardiac Events


Spring 2006 Updated Fluid Recommendations


Spring 2006 Safety of Running and Walking


Spring 2006 Lay Summary Revised Fluid Recommendations (English & Spanish)


Fall 2001 Noakes Discussion Document on Fluids


Fall 2001 Fluids Replacement During Marathons


Fall 2001 Children and Marathoning